Our infused honeys, choose from our Lavender or Cinnamon varities.  Two jars setting next to a vintage picnic basket.

Infused Wildflower Honey

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These flavors will delight your taste buds with their sweet and aromatic flavor. 
Our Lavender Honey can be especially soothing if you have a sore throat or are suffering from seasonal allergies. We infused our culinary Lavender buds into our Michigan Wildflower Honey to create this blend. 
Our Cinnamon Honey has a wonderful twist of sweetness and spice, our Cinnamon Honey will become one of your favorites. We took our already exceptional Michigan Wildflower Honey and infused it with Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, The cinnamon adds just a little kick of spice into the honey.
A nice condiment for your tea or oatmeal in the morning, you can even take a spoonful in the evening to help you relax.

(Net Wt. 8 FL OZ)