An All-Natural Fruit Preserve for You and Your Family

Our all-natural fruit preserves are cooked by hand in small batches. We start with whole fruits and use only simple ingredients in all of our recipes.


From Breakfast to Easy Appetizers

Enjoy our all-natural fruit preserves in the morning as a traditional breakfast preserve, on your toast or bagel. Or you can stir them into your oatmeal or yogurt. Better yet, create your new favorite smoothie! Serve up a charcuterie board that everyone will swoon over using our wonderful selection of gourmet foods.

 Our Mission

To provide you with delicious products and personal customer service.

Our Vision

To continue offering you food products free of artificial preservatives or fillers. And, to keep building on our relationships with local farmers. The more we can shop locally, the more we can support other small businesses like ourselves while reducing our carbon footprint.